• What is my Spectrum Customer Username and Password?
  • Spectrum WiFi Hotspot FAQs
    • Who can use Spectrum WiFi® Hotspots?
      Access to Spectrum WiFi® and partner hotspots is free for qualified Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Mobile customers with a Spectrum ID username and password.

      If you don't meet any of these criteria, you can still access Spectrum WiFi® Hotspots through a Free Trial.
    • How do I sign in to a Spectrum WiFi® Hotspot?
      First, make sure you are within range of a Spectrum WiFi® Hotspot and that the WiFi feature on your mobile device is turned on.

      Select a SpectrumWiFi network name from available wireless networks.


      1. On selecting the SpectrumWiFi network name, open your browser and the SpectrumWiFi sign-in portal will appear.
      2. Sign in using your Spectrum ID username and password. If you are not a qualified customer, select the Guest Access tab to request a Free Trial.
      3. Accept the terms and conditions and connect.

      If you need additional assistance, please call our WiFi hotspot customer support hotline at 1-888-851-9350.

  • Free Trial
    • How does the Free Trial work?
      The Free Trial begins when you first access the network on the device on which you made the request. If you disconnect before your time has expired, you may reconnect on the same device and use the remaining free time as specified.
    • How do I get a 30 minute Free Trial on SpectrumWiFi?
      The 30 minute Free Trial is only available when you connect using the SpectrumWiFi network name. From the SpectrumWiFi Sign in portal, select the Guest tab, select the Free Trial option, enter your email address and ZIP Code, accept the Terms of Service, and connect. The Free Trial provides 30 minutes access on SpectrumWiFi that begins as soon as you successfully connect to the network.
    • What is a Spectrum Free Trial Promo code?
      If you have received a Promo Code for free access to the SpectrumWiFi network and are wihin range of a hotspot, open the SpectrumWiFi sign in portal, click on the Guest tab, select Free Trial and look for the option to enter in your code for free access. The Promo Code you were given will tell you how much free time you have on SpectrumWiFi.
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